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Who We Are

CSAP stands for the College Student Assistance Program.

CSAP Inc. is run by a Third Party Finance Company that offers Educational Funding specifically to students applying for CIMT College. It is a finance company, like a bank, but for education, and with most of the same criteria offered by OSAP.

It's a Loan

CSAP is not a scholarship or bursary. CSAP is a loan, just like OSAP is a loan, which needs to be repaid. Yes, there is a credit check for CSAP. And they’ll ask for you to bring some documents, just like a bank would. They'll guide you through.


The terms and conditions are very similar to OSAP! So applying for CSAP is very much like applying for OSAP!

We Make It Easy

For most students, you'll need money down, and you'll make no payments while you’re going through school. There's also no interest while you’re going through school! Once you finish school, interest and payments are reasonable, so you can start to pay CSAP back.

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It is easy to apply for student loan OSAP, CSAP

It's Easy to Apply!

Since CSAP is a Loan, you need to apply, just like you would for a loan at a bank. CIMT College has a CSAP Representative who visits each of our campuses every week, so you can complete your application right on campus.

For more information, visit any CIMT College campus. Click here to visit the CIMT College website!

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